Your Emotional Wellness Can Lead to Epic Shit

I met Christie eons ago when we started blogging about motherhood, entrepreneurship, and writing back in the day.ย  I’ve always enjoyed her vivacious spirit, her unmistakable Christie’s-in-the-building laugh, and her undeniable business savvy when it comes to New Media.ย  I’m so proud of Christie for being so open about her unfolding process, and motivating her friends, followers, and fans to do epic shit!ย  (For real, follow her on Twitter HERE and you’ll see what I mean).

Christie is so honest about her struggles with “believing her own hype”, and embracing her “flawless self”, so click play, listen keenly, and let Christie know what resonates with you the most.

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Okay Christie, you’re up…

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  • iluvit! updating and rearranging my ipod playlist this week! YES!

    • Christie Glascoe Crowder

      YES! Believe me you’ll thank yourself for it when you’re having a “moment” LOL

      • I have to tell you the first list I’m going to recreate is my “get crunk for epic shiz nay eez about to GO DOWN” list (ok that’s a long name for a list lol – and the first song is BOB by OutKast! That song gets me crunk to live my day boldly. gonna have some fun with this

  • Christie Glascoe Crowder

    Man, Akila! You get me every time! I’m all emotional over here! Thank you for such a warm and heart-felt introduction! It means so much to be a part of this!

  • Thank you Thank you Thank you, owning my awsomeness, working on this daily.

    • Christie Glascoe Crowder

      YAY! I’m so glad! It truly is a daily practice and while it is challenging, it is also rewarding!

  • Christie!

    You hit the nail on the head in so many ways. We are alike in many ways. I’ve been journaling for about 15 years now and I can relate to the reasons why journaling is such a cleansing process to practice. I too love, love music. That’s a great tip on categorizing your playlist, because I’m usually searching for a song according to my mood, but if I have the playlist, I can go straight to it. I have a sacred space by my bed that’s a reminder for me to meditate. Now the bubble bath, I’m slacking on that one, but I know how relaxing it can be. I have those same EXACT struggles Christie and thank you for acknowledging that we do need to believe in our own hype. (What you have sweat rings,,,lol) I get like that too, when I’m recording. I’m on your “shit list” :-), because It’s so good to know there are others on that same journey as you. Thanks for reminding us to “Put our oxygen mask on first” Mine is on.

    Loved your video, Christie!

    • I love the playlist thing, never occured to me to organized by mood. I always did it the way everyone else did ๐Ÿ˜‰ – NEVER AGAIN! ๐Ÿ™‚ that was my biggest takeaway – mood music.

    • Christie Glascoe Crowder

      Aw! See, Monique… between you an Akilah, I’m never gonna stop crying today!! I’m so glad you enjoyed the video! It is nice to know that we are not alone and (and not crazy) in the things we struggle with. Love having you on this journey!!

  • I do the playlist thing too! I love my music and I do get in touch with my emotions when I can feel them through my music. Somedays I just have a Marvin Gaye day…usually when I am fed up and very sad or just have really deep feelings.

    I love the idea of doing Epic Shit now! Today, right this moment! Thanks Christie. I loved your emotional wellness piece.

    • Brooke, I get into my Sade mood and will play her songs over and over.

    • Christie Glascoe Crowder

      Thank you, Brooke! Music is so powerful and definitely helps me cope with any and everything! Glad you enjoyed it!

    • I definitely am an avid music lover. I have categories too Christie, and my mood determines which one I listen to at any moment. It definitely soothes my soul.

  • Such a bright smile! I love the “believing your own hype” – that was a struggle as well and even though I’m much more comfortable with my “shine” I STILL get tripped up when others see it. I still have traces of “really? me?” that creep in – perhaps it’s just how we are and it keeps us at a level of humility that is required. “Never get ahead of God or yourself” – always being surprised.

    Do you also think it’s good to keep that element of “really, me?” as a way of staying focused?

    GREAT topic and checking out your “do epic shizzz-ny-eez” soon (yes, admittedly, I’ve watched a few episodes of Love and Hip Hop ATL – lol)

    • Katrina, you are too funny!

      • I am? why thank you Monique! LOL YES I do get in 1 hour of trash tv a week (no offense to those who do not think LAHH ATL isn’t trash tv) it keeps me focused LOL

    • Christie Glascoe Crowder

      Love it, Katrina! It is a delicate balance. You definitely dont want to get ahead of yourself and/or God, for sure. I think we should still be humble and gracious when others compliment us and pump us up. Really, it’s about not waiting for someone else to tell us we’ve done a great job…we should already know it and celebrate it within ourselves and not let our own victory be tied to someone else’s approval… if that makes sense

    • Katrina, I get the “really me-s” too, sometimes! We’re co-banishing that bad boy right here, right now!

  • Christie Glascoe Crowder

    Awesome, Larie! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Christie, I really enjoyed this. It is refreshing to see reflections of myself in each woman who has presented in this conference so far. I can relate to the need to embrace my own awesomeness. Hearing you articulate your experience with this emotional challenge helps me know that I’m not alone in this area of necessary growth. What I hear from you is that I need to be my own best fan/client and “believe my own hype”…and do it passionately. Thank you for sharing authentically!

    • Christie Glascoe Crowder

      YES! That is it, exactly! It’s great to have “cheerleaders” but we need to be our own biggest fan first! I’m glad this resonated with you!

  • @google-0f428b0702d453bce42106249759231d:disqus when I saw your video yesterday, I got really emotional because our story was parallel. I couldn’t even bring myself to comment yesterday. But today is a new day, and let me say this…

    I have come to love telling my story because I have created an ALTERNATE ending. Sometimes its hard to believe how AMAZING we are, and I’m going to make it my personal mission to act as your reminder. MUAH…can’t wait to share more with you!!

    • Christie Glascoe Crowder

      My cup runneth over, Jai! I am so glad our paths have crossed!

    • That’s right, Jai! We get to choose the ending, and even the full script itself. Women like us, who are given so much, must remember to take our places as women who are not only loved and appreciated by others, but most importantly by ourselves.

  • Christie Glascoe Crowder

    That’s awesome, Virginia! Yes, look at your ENTIRE resume too…not just your professional accomplishments. Everything you have ever done has made you who you are and it should be celebrated!

  • So true, Virginia! We definitely tend to forget, and I’m glad Christie shed light on simple ways to remind herself (and the rest of us) how and why we are amazing!

  • Wow this was so great Christie! It’s so comforting and such a blessing for me to be shown each and every time I chime into this conference, the “Like-minds” like yourself who are sharing themselves ๐Ÿ™‚ The fact that I continuously strive to connect with women like you and all the others presenting through this conference (including Akilah) is such confirmation that I’m flowing in the right direction!

    You touched so many areas that I can absolutely relate to. I’M SUCH A MUSIC HEAD and you just made it clear that I need to FINALLY QUIT PROCRASTINATING and create some much needed playlists in my iPod. I was just listening to Brandy on Monday and texted a friend who has been sharing her journey with me lately, and said “Girlfriend I have some inspirational music for you…and I even got an Anthem type song for you too!” And in that moment I realized that I need to archive songs accordingly so I can do the same for others and myself when the next opportunity arises.

    Funny thing is just that quick, I forgot all about that thought and here you have reminded me not only to put that on my to do list and get it done, but on a deeper level….It’s becoming more and more clear to me that I really need to start paying close attention to the ideas, messages, thoughts & feelings I undergo especially during an “ah ha” moment!

    I’m haven’t journaled for some time now, actually have been avoiding it for reasons that I feel backfired on me….but I also see more clearly now that it’s necessary for me to jot down my thoughts during those “ah ha” moments and stop assuming I’ll REMEMBER!

    Loved watching your video….it’s amazing how messages can be received in ways we’d never expect ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you!

  • Sandra

    I love what you said about the bubble baths ! As an avid bubble bath taker I must agree, it has made me emotionally well many a days. I appreciate your candor about the self esteem issues, and not feeling like you were enough. my oh my, i have been there too, and fight hard to stay away from those thoughts and feelings. What you said about taking care of yourself first , putting on the oxygen mask was right on point ! You were so encouraging, sincere, and beautiful in this video. Thank you Christie.