When Money is the Motive (Pt II)

As I suspected, I’m not alone in my constant practice of shifting from a focus on money, to a prioritization of true joy aka emotional wellness.

This post explains the catalyst for this conversation.  Watch below as I give you some #LifeJuice for that particular practice.  As always, let me know if and how it serves you, okay?

Oh, and this post explores the power of stoppage in more detail.  I mention “the power of the pause” in the video, so check it out, and apply it liberally to your Life Design.


  • Sandra

    Yet again I feel like you and I are on the same wave length. Last week I was determined to NOT focus on the money. For the very reasons your listed.I intentionally shifted my focus. I woke up and began (most) my days with meditation, prayer and gratitude….and would you believe ( I know you would) I got 5 new clients by the end of the week ! I love what you said about being in a state/space of compromise, and taking a pause so as to reject the reactiveness. Thanks for the confirmation. 🙂

    • That’s HUGE, Sandra! I totally believe it, and your testimony is just the vitamin I need to keep me fueled on the days when money-focus tries to give me the shoulder tap. You and I can now confidently say, “Keep it movin’, money-focus, I’ve got a deeper love to nurture!”

  • You live and teach this message as well, November–so I am not surprised that once again, you and I are riding the same beautiful wave. Let’s keep coasting, sis! Thank you for being here with and for me 🙂