When Money Is the Motive (Part I)

Do you prioritize money over emotional wellness?

Odd question, right?

I ask because I want to gauge whether I can help you shift your thinking from the prioritization of income to the prioritization of overall wellness——which, by the way, does not exclude money.

When I set up my day based on what I need to bring in (read: money), I find myself more stressed, and more inclined to feel like a victim of whatever people, processes, or emotions come into my experience for that day.

On the contrary, when I start my day with the intention to maintain a sense of deliberate intention, genuine fulfillment, and an insistence of minimal stress, things flow quite differently.

Let me show you what I mean:

The Money-focused Route

  • Wake up.
  • Check email.
  • Respond to some emails.
  • Delete unwanted emails.
  • Schedule promotional status updates and tweets.
  • Answer phone whenever it rings.
  • Check email again (and again).
  • Read through Facebook timeline/comment when inspired.
  • Look through finances and assess timelines.
  • Look through client prospect lists and make follow-up contacts.
  • Wrack my brain for ways to earn more money faster.
  • Feel stressed.
  • Eat comfort foods.
  • Avoid any activities resembling exercise.

What about you?

When you’re focused on money, how does it affect the design of your day?

When I get some feedback, I’ll share some of the strategies I use to shift my daily Life Design, and see if I can make some suggestions based on your specific responses.

Looking forward to shifting with you! *smiles*

  • Irickflowers

    Hi.  When I’m focused on money, which seems to be the case regularly these days, I feel anxious and angry at no person or nothing in particular…..ALL day!  I feel emotional and stressed out, and that makes it so difficult for me to follow through on even the best made plans with my family and friends.  I don’t schedule any “me” time because the LAST thing I want to do is be alone with my thoughts, so I participate in busy-work.  In those cases, not one person in my house is satisfied with how the day is going 🙁

    • Sounds like we keep getting on the same ride, Irickflowers! We can be more compassionate with ourselves as we explore better alternatives to that unfullfillign cycle though. Let me know what you think about the follow up post. Are you willing to try any of the suggestions? They will help, so use them and of course–stay in touch. Thanks for stopping by!

  • November S.

    For me it used to be all of the above (lol) plus anxiety, that twisty knot feeling in my gut. An upset stomach (I started noticing a connection to how my stomach reactions to my emotions and why I used ot have so many stomach issues in the past). There is an “Ego to Money” I write about and it’s very true and real. You say it perfectly that emotional wellness is key to keeping your flow of abundance consistent. Letting go of control. Can’t wait to share this blog post…right on the eh-um money.

    • See, that’s another wonderful effect of self-exploration right there, sis! I’m so glad you mentioned the feeling in your stomach. Our bodies are so brilliantly aware, and it gives us cues that we often ignore. That “Ego to Money” assessment is on point. Thank you (as usual) for stopping by and lending your light to my thoughts.

  • Tamara

    Your list made me LOL! 🙂 I try desperately not to think about money so much, but it’s hard not to do. When money is my first thought, it causes me to stress out and be anxious about where every penny goes then I go into the mode of feeling like I can’t do anything so then I wan to buy everything (how’s that for logical). 🙂

    • LOL! That’s called Retail Therapy, and you are not alone in that particular form of “logic”. I hope Part II gives you some options for new ways to manage it. I appreciate you stopping by, Tamara. It was great to see that Gem of the South smile gracing my site’s pages!!!

  • Money use to rule my focus. Then. I decided to not let it choke-hold me. My eyes were opened to the fact that everything I needed was always taken care of or there. My focus on money use to make me sick and miserable. I was presenting like at made woman, and not being present. Making that conscious decision and allowing myself to change focus, allowed the money to enter when it needed to be there…in a nice steady flow. One of things I did and still do (because $$ still tries to come into focus…hey, life) was to spend time with my family. I would shut everything down, and just be. OK, ASR, I am really going to bed (see email). LOL.

    • I LOVE it! How brilliantly simple is it to “shut everything down, and just be”? There’s the power of stillness at work again. It’s such a beautiful resource from our Creator, yet we tend to try to busy ourselves with “stuff to do”, when oftentimes, all we need is to sit it down and let it flow. Thanks for sharing, Itiel. Always appreciated.

  • Oops, “mad woman