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A recovering tech geek, a self proclaimed travel addict, Jamaicaholic and cupcake connoisseur, balancing a mean case of wanderlust with a digital marketing career.

See why I’m an Absolute Travel Addict fan?

April is one of those Betty Badasses who waits for no one when it comes to adventure-seeking and globetrotting.  She has been to 19 countries, and is designing a lifestyle that nurtures her interests in technology, travel, and personal development.  She’s positive, she’s whip smart, she’s savvy, and she openly shares her life experiences with her readers through her infolicious (informative + deliciously engaging–duh! *LOL*) blog, The Absolute Travel Addict.

From how she makes this travel writing thing work, to how she learned some capoera moves in Jamaica, April’s life is a great example of the amazing things that can happen when you prioritize your interests, and show up as your real self in your life.

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Emotional Wellness Lifestyle Guide

  • For the past 2 and a half years I’ve been using travel to keep me emotionally stable. I lived in Atlanta for almost 20 years and I would often feel like I couldn’t go anywhere or do anything, even though we took a week long vacation every year, plus visits to our hometowns, sprinkled with a couple’s weekend here and there, business trips, and girlfriend getaways. I still felt confined to Atlanta.

    I made the decision and my husband agreed that we should leave Atlanta to move to the beach. We did that for a year, and took our first trip to New England as a family. After that year we moved to Texas, and we absolutely have to travel in order to accept that we live here. We decided that if we were going to be this far West that we should explore the West Coast, as a family. We started with New Mexico (I’d been several times on my own for business), then the Grand Canyon instead of Tofurky & Family squabbles for Thanksgiving, then Vegas, LA, & San Diego. We just road trip it for days, and let life take us where we need to go. Although, I’ve been out of the country, I don’t have a passport. It’s my goal to expand my travel beyond our country very soon. Traveling does keep me emotionally balanced and it is a necessary part of my life.