The Relevance of Dreaming Small

I spent the weekend off grid here in Jamaica.

The girls explore the Johnsons' farm

 Our daughters exploring their grand-aunt and grand-uncle’s farm.

Bamboo Avenue

Passing through Bamboo Avenue on our drive to Westmoreland

As is the case when we minimize external stimuli, I gained access to several juicy tidbits.

I want to share one particular gem with you.  Click the video below, and let me know…

How can you start dreaming small today?

  • NovemberSage

    YES ! and MG LMBO at “the best hair day…um” at the end. that cracked me up! LOL But seriously this is so on point and I thank you. I agree on every level. learning to let go of control over everything and appreciating where you are and the control of “right now” is so key to being well internally. I did an audio journal entry this am when I found myself feeling anxiety (slightly) because I was late on submitting something. I found myself attempting to control the outcome. Instead though I talked it out via a journal entry and at the end decided to continue to focus on “right now” which meant I couldn’t make the deadline but I had to finish breakfast for my kids :-).

    That felt so good to do. It felt Liberating and YES small. It felf that right now I’m successful in my business and life. I can be accountable for my actions as well (why didn’t I finish the project days ago so I wouldn’t be late today – huh Katrina??) to correct them going forward. The abundance doesn’t end. dream smaller sometimes slows us down to notice what we already have. Thanks sis for this. Loving this and will be sharing this.

    I love your video as well. I’ve been experimenting with doing something creative with my videos and this is on point. Drew Canole is inspiring me to step my video game up! Love his and love this too.
    Island envy in FULL swing by the way! LOL

    • “learning to let go of control over everything and appreciating where you
      are and the control of “right now” is so key to being well internally.” – THAT fed me too–thank you!!

      I love that you talk yourself through your anxiety moments by way of journaling; LOVE that! I’m an avid journalista (lol), and I use Mirror Work quite a bit for that too. Through those practices, I’ve learned how to soothe myself from a place of compassion and not force or anger, that’s been a life-saver for me this year!

      I’m glad my “best hair day” gave you the giggles 🙂 I had to go there, because I was feelin’ myself with that fresh twist-out!

      I use iMovie for videos, and Web Video Chefs are my heroes for all-things-video. Drew Canole is the homie too!! Love his FitLife movement!

      Oh, and by the way–one surefire way to quench Island Envy is to come here! Let’s hang out in JA, Ms. November Sage 🙂 *nudge, nudge*

  • Sandra

    Ok yes ! I must comment on the hair cause you was feelin’ it ! Cute, Cute,Cute ! This video drove home what I had been feeling, and maybe not quite sure on the verbiage for it. Trying to dream small or set small goals is a beautiful way to inspire and motivate ourselves. Once we see those small things accomplished, it makes those bigger ones seem a few baby steps closer. I think it also develops patience and appreciation on a deeper level. Sometimes for various reasons, I feel that all I can do is to dream small. And I’m learning to be okay with that because it’s better than not dreaming at all.

    • Good for you, Sandra! Double high-fives!! It IS better than not dreaming at all! I believe that dreaming small is not about settling, but more about refusing to be stagnated by fear and disappointment. I’m happy you’re practicing that particular life skill.

      Oh, and thank you honey–my hair was doing BIG THANGS yesterday, and I was lovin’ it!

  • Jessica

    I really appreciate this video especially today 🙂 I have had a very trying week and today is no different. I begin doubting every positive aspect of who I am. I began to see my beauty for ugliness, I began to see my accomplishments along the way as being failures, I questioned my strength and will to improve in life I questioned everything that came to mind about the beauty of who I am as a woman. So I am thankful I came across this video and I pray that God will give me the strength to use this encouragement and count the small blessings victories and appreciate dreaming small.

    • Jessica, thank you so much for sharing your feelings! I’ve certainly been in a similar emotional space as the one you described. This is why this process of dreaming small is so powerful. When you take it one bite at a time, you can nurture each part of yourself through rough patches without staying stuck in the yucky part. Please let me know if I can do anything to help, and thank you for stopping by.

  • Larie

    What a very bright light blub moment! Thanks for sharing.

  • A steady flow of baby steps = progress