The Domino Effect of Being Emotionally Unwell

In today’s session, a recovering perfectionist shares how asking for what she wants, letting herself heal from the emotional journey of brain surgery, and embracing the art of surrender helps her live emotionally well.

Coach, speaker, and writer, Lerin Alta-Devki will light your path with wide-open sharing about her learning curve, her most challening survival categories, and of all things….dairy (you’ll see)!

I love L’Erin’s spunk, courage, and warmth. She’s such a citizen of the world, and it shows up in the way she relates to people, and how she facilitates the wellness of the women who entrust her with their journeys.

My major takeaway from L’Erin’s session is the reminder to ASK FOR WHAT I WANT.

Do you “hope” people will know what you need?  Or better yet, do you check in with yourself regularly to ask about your W.I.N.N™ (What I Need Now)?

I’ll let L’Erin blaze a fire with you on these very questions.  You’ll need headphones for this session, because the audio is low, but the message…that’s LOUD & CLEAR!

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  • I love love love this! Knowing what you want and not being afraid to get it is so key!!! I am so feeling you! I love the way you made a request for what you wanted, and trusted that you would receive it.

  • Sandra

    You really spoke to my heart on this ! And I am so glad that you have healed and are doing beautifully .

  • Debra

    Love hearing you do your thang! 🙂 I’m about to get on a call about giving me a Promotion!! 🙂 Yes, self-care through cash. 😉 I really appreciated your sharing about making the “wish list” ~ being really specific with people about your needs & desires so they don’t have to play the “guessing game.” Thank you L!

  • “Asking clearly and specifically…so people don’t have to play the guessing game of what I want”. That is what I needed to hear and I will be putting that into practice as a new life habit. Thank you!