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The Crazy, Awesome, Nauseating Feeling Of Owning Our Shit


I clicked SEND today.

I clicked the button that sent my completed manuscript off to my publisher.

Shit. I’m nauseous.

I’m sure other writers go through this, and I imagine it’ll subside–but right now, all I can think is:  I should’ve hired an extra editor in case my editor missed anything. What if they can’t have it ready by March 21st?  I bet I didn’t word that sentence on that page right. I probably should’ve made that part a little less complex. What if no one gets it? What if it fucking sucks?


This radical self-expression work is not for suckas, and you probably already know that. You have probably had your own versions of moments that both excited and frightened you shitless.

You’re trying to walk with a clearer understanding of your own Light, right? Me too.
You’re ready to have bolder, richer life experience, and release some of your not-it shit, right? Me too.

When we make those kinds of commitments, and we follow through by creating an expression of that feeling, I believe we access another portal. I believe we evolve into a higher version of ourselves, and we get closer to that zone where we are not lacking in love, support, or money.

And that zone is already in our bellies, complete with knowledge of how to manage ourselves and our environments, we’ve just got to own that shit.

Radical Self-Expression Manifesto is my Own That Shit moment. And it is also my way of giving something to the woman who is ready to stand in her Own That Shit moment too.  Is that you, sis? 

If you haven’t already done so, GO HERE to listen to the mixtape, feel out the energy, and pre-order your copy today.


  • Shon Durden

    What if it makes the New York Times Best Seller list? What if the sisters who read it give it to their sisters, and daughters, and mothers, and friends? What if we are so caught up in the words and their meanings and hearing your voice in our heads that we don’t even see the typos? What if they do have it read by March 21? What if it is fucking awesome!!!! Just saying (wink wink)

    • Shon, I’m raising my vibration to match your support right now. I know it. And writing it out is my way of facing the fear. Reading your comment is God’s reward to me for risking expression. Thank you.

  • Mackenzie Irick

    The message will hit its mark. All of them, in fact. Congratulations, and many, many more successes! I am a writer as well. I’ll be sure to remember that nausea might accompany my next submission, but I’ma do that -ish anyway! Good looking out 🙂 Spread the word, spread the love.

    • Thank you, Mackenzie! And yes, you know you MUST do that -ish anyway! Your stories need to be told, and your voice is relevant, powerful, and valuable.

  • SusanKristine

    Waiting for my copy. It is going to be the best seller this year.