Introspective Travel Experiences for Women™

“A woman in harmony with her spirit is like a river flowing. She goes where she will without pretense and arrives at her destination prepared to be herself and only herself.”

Maya Angelou said it best; and when a woman arrives at camp, she can spend three full days being herself, by herself if she prefers, with me nearby to handle all the logistics. For the travel-loving woman who wants to combine tropical travel with quiet reflection, serene beaches, and stunning views, this experience will definitely invite her to harmonize with her spirit.

Apply to join me in Jamaica for one of four remaining weekend-long moving meditations at one of my hideaway spots in Kingston. Come alone, bring a sister-friend, or bring a group of sister-friends. Either way, the agenda is to enjoy an introvert-styled experience focused on solitude, delicious food, swaying palm trees, and island breeze.

My name is Akilah S. Richards and in my work with Radical Self-Expression, I make space for women to mine their magic by being with their own thoughts, by exploring themselves without interruption, and by using silence, solitude, and the process of traveling as part of a moving meditation towards clarity. It is with a great sense of honor that I facilitate summer weekend camps in partnership with a carefully selected set of property managers, licensed drivers, wellness professionals, and concierge services here on my home island.

Whether you are

this camp creates space for you to slow down, listen inward, and love on yourself for a few days.

Your Camp Environment:

Campers can be found sitting on a blanket, or nestled in a hammock eating fresh fruit, journaling her thoughts. She is soaking in the benefits of self-care in this particular form. She gets goosebumps from the incredible view she has of an old, beautiful, and culturally rich city influenced by people of African descent, as well as East Indians and Chinese.

On graduation morning, she might agree to be driven to the sea for an early ritual of tea drinking, sage burning, fruit feasting, and wandering off to collect pretty stones and seashells.

In Support of Self-Care:

Tuition includes pre-travel coaching sessions through scheduled phone calls and access to the Personal Manifesto Creation course inside our virtual learning community. Here, campers get practical guidance for enhancing personal leadership and self-expression. Nearly 900 students have completed and benefited from creating their Personal Manifestos.

The Culmination:

Once a camper has created her personal manifesto, she travels to Jamaica to use ritual and relaxation to process her thoughts in peace. Read on for tuition costs and inclusions.

Camp Duo


$750 deposit

You and your camp partner will be welcomed for three days of activities customized to fit her and your needs. This can includes dialogue, self-exploration exercises, sight-seeing, beginner yin yoga, drumming, meditative breathing techniques, free-writing sessions, or just rest and relaxation. Tuition also includes:

  • Three daily meals and fresh fruit snacks
  • Your private room with all
    standard amenities
  • Optional graduation day
    beach ritual session
  • Your private bathroom a few steps away
  • An optional yoga or drumming session
  • Roundtrip airport transfers for
    Norman Manley International Airport
  • Roundtrip transportation to any
    unplanned road trips
    within an hour of our location

Camp Sister Circle


$995 deposit

You and up to three camp partners will be welcomed for three days of activities customized to fit your needs. This can includes dialogue, self-exploration exercises, sightseeing, beginner yin yoga, drumming, meditative breathing techniques, free-writing sessions, or just rest and relaxation. Tuition also includes:

  • Three daily meals and fresh fruit snacks
  • Double room occupancy with all
    standard amenities
  • Optional graduation day
    beach ritual session
  • Shared bathroom a few steps away
  • Optional yoga or drumming session
  • Roundtrip airport transfers for
    Normal Manley International Airport
  • Roundtrip transportation to one
    unplanned road trip
    within two hours of our location

Available (All Friday to Monday)

    • July 15 - 18

    • July 29 - Aug 1

    • Aug 12 - 15

    • Aug 26 - 29




    was 35 when she divorced her longtime love. Relief and fear fought for their majority share of her thoughts, influencing her choices, and creating some coping mechanisms she wasn’t exactly proud of. For sure, she left that relationship hurt and afraid, but it also made her more sure of her own strength. As fucked up as the end of her relationship had been, it gave her a clear example of her ability to learn and re-learn ways to find joy and optimism in simple things, no matter what storms are raining in. By the time the divorce was final, she had moved into a cute, quaint apartment closer to the city. She sold her car and some of their furniture, and used that money to buy an older car, and a bicycle. Shara was not about to let him walk away from the relationship with her joy. She claimed custody of her own joy, and decided to approach the rest of her life from a soul-centered, honest, direction-of-her-own-joy place.




    joined the military right out of high school, partly because it would shut everybody up about what her all-important next steps were going to be. Plus she didn’t want to go to college; she wanted to travel, and feel alive—the military offered that, plus money. But now, nearing 30 years old, and arriving at the end of her ten-year term, Alex decides not to re-enlist. She wants out; has wanted out from year fucking four. She was ready to retire their uniform and get more familiar with who she was inside her own body, on her own terms. She was trading in rank, structure, and certainty, for creative exploration and a vision for her life that included the freedom to dress, wear her hair, and live her life without the burden of needing anyone’s permission.




    wants to be clear about her own needs, and how to build those into the way she spends her days. She wants to live a liberated life—one without the stressors of a job she didn’t enjoy, pressure to please her parents, and some personal habits she knew she had to figure out how to end. Gina knew the feeling she was chasing, and she was ready to make this stage of her life more about shedding her old skin and walking confidently toward the woman she was becoming. She was a good mother, a happy partner, and now she was read to add fulfilled woman to her list of authentic feelings.

    Click each numbered column below for an overview of the application process:

    I will call you within two business days of receiving your questionnaire. There is no cost to submit this form. Once we speak by phone, we can both decide whether Radical Selfie Summer Weekend camp is a good fit for you.

    If you are invited to apply, your next step is to make a minimum deposit of $500 (US). Once you do, a member of my team will contact you to confirm receipt of your deposit (you will also get an emailed confirmation)and schedule a 15-minute call with you to confirm your ideal dates and to answer any pressing questions.

    If you decide, after the call, that you no longer wish to participate, you will receive a FULL REFUND within two business days, NO QUESTIONS asked.

    If you confirm your camp seat, a member of my team will email you to schedule your 90-minute (virtual) orientation session. During this Skype session, I will walk you through our virtual learning community, give you an overview of the Personal Manifesto Creation process, and talk about any specific things you want to address while we’re in Jamaica. We will also use orientation time to create a payment plan that works for you.

    Check your email for your Camper’s Agreement, which will detail the discussed payment plan as well as the inclusions, travel necessities, and confirmed dates for your Weekend Camping trip. You will need to print, sign, and mail that Agreement back to me at the provided address. I will email you a copy of the fully-executed Agreement.