Battle Cry For Selling Your Soul NYC


That’s my not-so-ancient battle cry these days.

Lovez what I do. Dig that I have the honor of doing it.
But um…needing to offer it in a bigger way to dance
with the energy of MMS–Much.More.Scrilla.

Paper. Stacks. Dough. Mula. Bread. Dahlaz.
C.R.E.A.M, MO-NAAAYYYY!! $$$$$$$$$$

That elusive tease that manages to reel me in and toss me
right back out on my round brown behind time n’ time again.

I love what I offer, and real talk…my life is great…mostly!
Because if I said that the joy of offering my gift, and getting
the benefits of knowing that I work for Self & Love were enough,
I’d be a lying mo-fo; and honey, I am nobody’s liar.

It doesn’t even stand to reason–that’s the weirdest part of it all.
I’ve gotten coverage in not one, but two national publications.
Been flown out, housed, and dined by heavy-hitter companies.
Sold ad space to small and large companies on my mom-focused blog.
I’m doing more speaking gigs, and hosting more supa-dupa fly events.
And as of this year, I’ve really began walking in my gift and offering
Life Design guidance to women and men through my program.

Yet and still, I’m not making enough paper to fully sustain
myself financially. Creator is good to me, and my hubby
holds is down–I’m appreciative of that. HOWEVA,…

I’m longing for that tangible, irrefutable proof that I’m
not just pissing in the wind with this Life Design journey.
I’m missing a few key elements of this journey, and at
times–like now–the absence of paper feels like
nothing shy of ASSWATER! (Okay, that made
me giggle a little bit, but I’m still really serious!)

How is that I can help my clients (and in some cases,
friends and family), get clear about their goals, needs,
and actionable steps, but my actionable steps are leading
to success on paper, sans friggin paper?!

*If I could side-eye my own self, I totally would*

I should probably start by not labeling money as elusive,
but it totally is, dammit! So, I’m feeling type stuck, and
it SUCKS!!!  Life Design THAT, Universe!

Anyhoobidoo, I’m heading to NYC again ( 3 times in 7 months–woot!)
to listen and take copious notes as Danielle LaPorte and
Marie Forleo get all sage-wisdom up in the Helen Mills Theatre
at Selling Your Soul (#SYSOUL). I won a ticket (awesome, right?!),
and all I can say is, I’m definitely expecting to be wowed, schooled, and
guided out of this “Heeeeere’s Money! Ha, gotcha! No money!” cycle.

Danielle and Marie have long been high on my faves list, and next Thursday,
as I get all Empire State of Mind and clear mental space for the awesomeness,
I’m expecting paradigm-shifting, soul-stirring, make a yaadie wanna break
dance type amazing…and nothing less. #NOPRESSURE 🙂

Question: Are you doing what you KNOW is your GREAT WORK,
but still getting dodged by the Scrilla Fairies??

Or is it…GULP...just me?

  • Definitely NOT just you…. heehee! I’ve been in the saaame boat for much longer than I like. 😉 But I’m scrimping and couch surfing so I can be right there taking copious notes with you at #SYSoul… Can’t wait! See you there! 😉

  • I love your openness, and you are  not alone. YOU know I keep trying to get my paper!! 🙂

  • Girlfriend, it is not just you! Glad I stumbled upon your site and appreciate your openness. I attended Rich Happy & Hot LIVE last November, so I got my fix with our girls, Forleo and LaPorte, but I’d love to hear what your takeaways were from the Selling your Soul event. Your out in ATL? I still wanna get on over there to check it out. Keep up your work, because being in the same kinda business and mindset, I know this is where it’s at. Just gotta figure out your rightful place and work it! Connect with me @cherylchavarria and Best to you!