Status Updates To|From My Former|Future Self

Do you ever allow your mind to really dive into imagining how your life will be when you “get there?”

When the climb doesn’t feel nearly as steep as it does now?
When your basics are covered, and your whims are well within reach?
When you stand in front of folks to remind them that they too can pull through?

I do that sort of mind-nurturing work as often as time allows, and I want to let you in a bit. My hope is that you too will share a few of your Made It To The Mountaintop thoughts too.

Name: Akilah
Age: 33
Great Work: Life Design Practitioner
Greatest sources of joy: Offering value to her friends, family, and clients.


To Akilah, age 9:
You’re moving to America next year, and your life, your influences, and your journey has all been shaped by these years in Jamaica. Rely on them, and they will never guide you astray. Oh, and give your mom a break–seriously!

From Akilah, age 20:
Oh, shit! Really? So, this is what exploring life is all about! Turns out you’re not half the stuff you thought comprised your thoughts/actions. This whole-new-world thing is pretty frikkin trippy!

To Akilah, age 25:
Please don’t say that about yourself. It’s not the end of the world–you’re simply transitioning into a new stage of your life. Believe it or not, you are NOT actually dying.

To|From Akilah, age 33:
Calm the fuck down sometimes, mama! Accept help, and measure success by your efforts, not by standardized results. Nothing about you or your journey is standard–just.keep.breathing/being. #BreatheThroughIt

From Akilah, age 35:
I told you that if you calmed down, did less, and stayed present, you’d get here! Remember when you and Kris could barely cover your expenses, and thought about “wising up” and getting regular ass jobs? Ha! #GoodSave

From Akilah, age 40:
Look at you! All self-actualized an’ thangs! Keep giving your gifts, and prioritizing your work as a helper. You are in divine service, and it absolutely shows. #LifeDesignMode

From Akilah, age 45:
Da hell is going on with your metabolism! No more brownie bingeing for you! Your nutritionist and your chef were right; face it! Oh, and great job on that speaking gig at TED! You were awesome! #TheBooyahYears

From Akilah, age 50:
As the years progress, your circle gets even better, doesn’t it?! You are so blessed to have gotten into the hearts of her, and her, and him, and him! Keep honoring them as they honor you. The world is better because you chose not shy away from your power. Enjoy the reward, and remember to keep giving! #

So, what would your former|future self say to you?

  • Zakkiyah

     Former self would say: Great job on who you’ve become since what you’ve been through glad you didn’t turn down that path.

    Present self: Stop being afraid of self and get yo shit together you got babies to take care of that are looking up to you and how you handle life.

    Future self: You did good girl now keep on moving Life ain’t over yet make it a good one.

    The end

    • I love that, Zakkiyah! You are such a strong person, and I personally value you as a source of motivation in my life. I know you had plenty of options of routes to take, but you chose not to follow the negative patterns, but instead make your own mark. Keeping going, mama!

  • Shelley Chapman

    Love this! I did a letter to/from the future last year and it really helps put things in perspective. We get bogged down with right now and tend to forget that there was a BEFORE and there will be MORE! Lol @ no more brownie bingeing 🙂

    • Please put that on a shirt! I will buy it! There was a BEFORE + There will be MORE™! LOL! #IDigsThat