Springtime in Winter

The past 2 days of my life were spent nurturing my curiosity in the most rewarding ways. As an added bonus, I came back to Kingston to find that I had sold my services, booked a television appearance, and confirmed a new business resource with what felt like little effort on my part.

I’m in my Spring season, and I share this so that you can visualize, re-affirm, and believe in the coming of your own Spring too.

Tell me what’s in bloom in your life; I’d love for this to be a two-way conversation.

Here’s my weekend in poorly structured sentences:

River ProfileRiver hike.
Videos from my God-sent family in Atlanta.
Retreat center perusal.
Passionate talks about peanut butter soup.
Fresh lemonade, gingerbread, and goat cheese with a brilliant artist and her husband.
Faith’s Pen.
Horses with MC-Lyte haircuts.
Brown cows.
The beach.
Chakra cleansing with my firstborn.
Jerk chicken at scotchies.
Hitch-hiking grasshoppers.
Laughter and love with soul mate, babies, and one half of our soulmate couple.

I gave, and still give, thanks.

  • I love this and thanks for sharing! I literally was just sitting here thinking about all the things I’ve let go and how much I’ve gained in return. I went for a long walk in my neighborhood a little while ago and saw a women racking her fall leaves. One part of my brain said “one would think she’s wasting her time spending racking leaves when she should be able to hire someone to keep her yard” – the other part of my brain said “yes, but she gets to share love with her yard by rack her own leaves…while others are too busy chasing after love.”

    The weekend for me was spent engaging, opening up, releasing judgment, letting stuff flow, and time giggling with my little girl.