Relationships, Excellence, and Money – How to navigate those zones

I feel like Takeyah A. Young should’ve charged us for this session!!

I’m kidding of course, but I’ve gotta say that Takeyah leans way in and gives some very specific strategies for how to navigate the waters of emotional wellness as busy, driven women.

In our session, she talks about claiming our wealth, eating for ultimate wellness, and her own offerings for helping women live personally, professionally, and emotionally well.

Without further ado, lovely ladies, click below to watch this video, and start …as Takeyah would say…taking living personally!

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  • Takeyah,

    I enjoyed that, because you gave attention to several things I know I need to practice consistently. I don’t eat in an unhealthy way but I don’t eat that healthy either, if that makes sense. I eat the same thing, over and over. recently I was drinking the green smoothie in the morning. walking and drinking more water and I did feel much better. My struggle is with carbs, but you have put that bug in my ear and reminded me about the importance of eating well.

    The other topic you touched on was accessing support from wiser people. I agree with that 100% and another thing I enjoy practicing.

    I enjoy yoga and meditation as well. I know you have your event in Jamaica and I’m eager to make it one year, if it’s something you do annually.

    I like that you value relationships and you check yourself on the role you play as well. That was a lesson I had to learn and it helps when you want to gain clarity with any particular relationship.

    I love that thought process of “foodbase wellness” I will keep that in mind as I nurture wellness in every area in my life.

  • Eating well is a biggie for me! I love what you said about reading your own testimonials. Sometimes we have to look through our experiences to remember that we are building something meaningful because it’s easy to get lost in our steps and only see what’s ahead, instead of glancing back to see where we’ve come from.

  • Larie

    “As a coach, I know I’m good.” I admire the confidence!