[Video] Mantras, Meditation, and Tantra in Atlanta

If the title alone intrigued you, then you’re my type of gal (or guy)!

This one needed face-to face interaction, so indulge me as I share some juice from a recent journey…

  • Katrina M Harrell

    I’m ’bout (yes – ’bout) to come to the ATL just to hug you! then fly right back.

    ahhhhhh! yes….  everything you just had said when you had said it 😉 lol yessss.

    so time for me to stop saying “ok I’m going to this meditation class this week” as I stare at it with in my inbox good intention, and actually get myself up and go…without thinking, just doing.

    you rock.

    • Katrina M Harrell

      LOL quick follow up – so I hit “post as katrina” to leave my comment, I go to FB to leave you a quick line to say “right on sister!” I close both this page and FB and prepare to close my email to get back to my day. before I do, i refresh my email once more and what pops up? ”
      Sunday: Meditation Hike at Harris Lake County Park (“Harris Park”)

      LOL #confirmationmuch? lol
      I guess I know how I’m spending my Sunday morning 

      Have a great day – I know you will.

      •  LOL! No surprise there! See how the Universe just conspires to set us up with everything we need to excel and be well?! Sooooooo glad you shared how this worked some wonderful mojo on you 🙂

    •  We’re LONG overdue for a hug-fest anyway, so bring it onnnnnn!!

  • Great mantra to remember. Thanks, Akilah! xoxo

  • This is exactly where I am. It’s a weird median where, in the midst of what my ego wants to call loneliness there’s support, love and nurturing. As I coach myself through my relationships, I see that I have everything inside that I could possibly mistakenly require another to give me. It’s in the silence and, as I create rituals that take care of me, it becomes easier to receive.

    Thanks for sharing!

    •  Beautifully stated, Sabrina! Thank YOU for sharing your insights because it makes this juice even sweeter!

  • Teresha

    whew! that is a life affirming mantra if I ever heard one. I needed to hear this because I am struggling to give myself  even a tiny bit of self-care in the tug of war that is motherhood. I will give this a try

    •  Please do give it a try, Teresha! I know how much you give to your family and your work, as I’ve been a longtime fan of your blog 🙂  Keep the practice going, that’s all any of us can do…practice self-love, self-prioritization, and remind our loved ones that we deserve the time/space to do so.

  • Akilah! 

    WOW!!! That is a really great mantra. I will definitely recite that, when I’m aware that I’m seeking external factors for emotional fulfillment. I also see it working really well, when I seek validation.

    Thank for sharing Akilah!!