Indulge in Love’s Gumbo for Emotional Wellness

Wait, so you thought that just because this is a digital conference, you wouldn’t get any conference swag? Welp, that is incorrect, lovely lady!

Session two’s speaker, Brooke Brimm, is going to set off the conference goodies mojo with her incredibly generous freebie! And equally important, she’ll talk to you about her keys to emotional wellness. It’s best to use headphones for her session, and if you listen carefully, you’ll find out how to get your own custom jewelry from this Jewelry Rockstar!

This homeschooling, advanced degree pursuing, Love’s Gumbo authorin’, fly natural hair rockin’, long-term happy marriage having mama has some solid insights on exploring her WINN™ (What I Need Now) moments, practicing the art of detachment, defining balance for herself, and oh…customized jewelry for YOU, a registered conference attendee!

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  • Sandra

    Loved your post today Brooke ! The things you mention are very similar to what I try to do every day also. Sometimes successfully, sometimes not. Like you I have encountered some (lots) of negative thoughts due to some very heavy hitting family situations , including death of my brother in the past year. I loved your diagram of how your day goes when things are not in balance. It made me laugh out loud because it absolutely resembled me ! thank you for sharing this other aspect of you (which you already know, I adore) It has motivated me to keep on. …Namaste

    • Oh Sandra I adore you too! My 11 y/o made the graphic. We worked together to convey what I wanted to say, but she did it! Death can be hard, harder than I ever really thought. I try to take it day by day, hour by hour really, one good thing is my reliance on Spirit has been even greater.

  • You had me whootin’ and hollerin’ when you mentioned the power of asking yourself how you feel, Brooke! I preach that gospel to anyone who will listen, as I know how it has helped me break through some foggy feelings many times over! I’m SO glad you mentioned that! I’m also glad you mentioned that though you have a solid, loving family structure, you STILL need to prioritize yourself and your needs or you’ll end up back in the space that didn’t serve you (or your family) emotionally. I appreciate you immensely! Keep giving your gifts!

    • Just asking myself the question has led me to incredibly scary and wonderful places. I walked away from a career that I had studied 10 years to be in, hahaha. I started designing jewelry and selling things on ebay with an advanced degree. I am sure I must have looked like a fool, maybe I still do, but I am happy deep in my soul. I scrapped a religion that is generations deep in my family because I asked myself the questions. I (we) picked up our whole family and moved them from a place they (we) had been for 20 years because I asked the question. So many big, scary, necessary and small, grounding life decisions have been made by asking the question. As long as I stay in touch with Spirit, I can trusts my answers.

  • This was a beautiful video Brooke! I really appreciate your honesty about how grief and other life challenges can impact waking up with positive thoughts. I’m also so with you on the detachment. I’ve gotten off balance with that lately.

    I loved the graphic on balance too…it’s so accurate!! I will try to get a video done…I’d love a custom piece from you 🙂

    • You can do it Jen!!!! You have all month to pull it off! I’d love to hear your response, and I’d love to make something for one of my long time online friends. BTW- I’ll have to admit I was pretty off balance this morning because I did a half meditation and rushed up to busy myself. Not a good look 🙁 Really it was awful. LOLOLOL 🙁

  • Brooke! This was my first time ever hearing your actual voice, but your energy and spirit matches how you write. You have such a peaceful and sincere transparency in this video. I enjoy how you just shared your own experience with such openness and simplicity. In similarity to your writing, it feels like you are a sisterfriend just speaking in Love and giving YOUR truth. It’s encouraging to see how you are in touch with your own emotional highs and lows, which enables you to respond accordingly with “balancing” energy and actions. Your resounding message to me is: if we are TRUE to ourselves, we can get what we need. I really enjoyed this!

    • I always chuckle when people who have read my work hear my voice for the first time. I forget that online friends & book customers don’t know me in real life :). I am glad that you felt my truth. I try to express it in every way that I can.

    • Wow you worded your response beautifully Ivy! Love it!

    • Ivy, this is why I would have thrown a straight temper tantrum had Brooke not been available for this conference. I NEEDED her light, and I’m so glad she went all in, and opened up about her own processes. This whole concept continues to motivate me to give/be/do/share more!

      • Girl you said it!!!! Give, be, do, share (accept, understand, work through!) more! I can’t wait until tomorrow!

  • Brooke, I appreciate you for candidly sharing how nice it feels to be asked about your emotional wellness and having habitual negative thoughts. It’s important for others to know that although our work is with helping people, we too still need someone to check in with us about how we are feeling. I like that you admitted that, because at one point in my life, I thought I had to always maintain that facade of I’m the one that helps, but I don’t need it. Having habitual negative thoughts was also a good topic to touch on, because sometimes we don’t know how to get rid of them, when they appear, so even if the present moment is not a happy one, we can go back to some point in life and think of a happy moment. It falls into that thought process of cognitive behavior, out thoughts affects how we feel and then our feelings affects or behavior, so intentionally creating a positive thought will create a positive feel, then behavior. What resonated with me the most was, “not being attached to a specific expectation of your responsibilities” That’s something I work on here and there. When I do practice that thought process, it feels so much better. so now I’m reminded to do it across the board with all that I do, I will be less frustrated about the outcome. I’m such an introvert, that I’m always in my head planning things out and getting stuck on the outcome, but no more. It was great being able to put a lovely face and voice to your name. Now I can picture you, when we connect in convo on fb. Thanks for you messages.

    • I am glad that what I said resonated on so many levels. I am so glad that Akilah set the conference up with questions. I talk about my platform, purpose, mission, work often, but I rarely get to talk about how I feel so publicly. It was nice. I have truly had some breakthroughs using the thankfulness, happy thoughts, meditation practice. Although this time in my life happens to be a very challenging one, I don’t feel like it’s the end of the world. I feel like I am getting some real practice at getting my Spirit right.

      • I am so excited to read “I rarely get to talk about how I feel so publicly!” This is what me and Monique’s mission is with our Waiting to Exhale Parties. Creating a platform for women to fully and freely express themselves to create global healing! It’s been shown over time that people yearn to hear what people (prominent individuals, celebrities, healers, doctors, leaders etc) really feel and think, how they live their daily life, what their house looks and smells, if their clothes are folded in their drawers, how they deal with stress and what they sound like if they cuss lol…..ALL THE PERSONAL STUFF….because we want to see how much we can really relate to each other! This conference is doing just that for me. Like Monique said, I’m able to put a face and voice with a name 🙂 I am grateful for our new connection as we FLOURISHE together! *Blessings!

        • Child you don’t want to see my house… 🙁 that’s a whole other confession. LOLOL. I feel you though, I am so excited to hear what each woman has to say and to see myself in them.

        • The more platforms for self-expression, the better! Keep doing your Work, Cortney!!

    • Great response Monique! i enjoyed reading it 🙂

    • That was my stand-out point too, Monique. There’s a Buddhist term for that: compassionate detachment. It truly serves me.

  • Balance is one of Akilah’s Survival categories in her book. There is a fine line in the meaning of balance, I think. There is spiritual/emotional balance which comes from centering yourself and getting in touch with your Spirit and emotions, and then there is making sure everything in your life gets equal attention, kinda of balance. I think that’s the kind of balance Akilah speaks against. Trying to make sure everything and everyone gets equal attention leads to guilt, which can lead to you taking away something from yourself to balance it all out. When really it is more about managing how you feel about what’s going on in your life. For example: My 15 y/o is a Junior in high school and she is booked every night (M-F) with activities necessary for her to get into college and a scholarship. As a result, she is getting more and more opportunities (she’s a singer). My 11 y/o is an actress (not professional). Right now she only has volleyball, and that hasn’t started yet. She is getting super antsy about her schedule because it looks paltry. I have to keep my emotional balance, and not get pulled into feeling guilty because my baby wants more to do, and sign her up for acting classes that we cannot afford right now. On top of that I have to keep track of the family schedule because my 15 y/o has us on the run, so within all of that I need to keep the house balanced and my emotions and Spirit balanced. I may read my spiritual books or listen to my music while waiting or driving to/from. I remember to go to exercise, cook good meals, etc. To keep myself and us all on track, but then I let myself off the hook when I cannot do it.