How one n@ked blogger stays emotionally well

Ivy has a knack for pulling out the quiet storms in women.

Perhaps it’s because her own life experiences have driven her through some rough paths, and left her fending for her emotional wellness by speaking up and out on her own behalf.

I feel a strong connection to Ivy because she comes off reserved and even coy, but when she opens her mouth, or writes a post, you feel the echoes of healed emotions, works in progress, and an affinity for helping women UNMUTE.

In her session, Ivy walks you through some of her own storms, and offers you the opportunity to strip naked, allowing yourself to be fully revealed, and ultimately, healed.

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  • brooke@lovesgumbo

    I learned a lesson in fear last week. Hearing you talk about it affirms my lesson and gives me inspiration to take it in to my soul.

    • Hi Brooke! Doesn’t it feel great when you get that moment of affirmation? I’m glad you were able to receive that. Sending you Peaceful energy to overcome your fears.

  • Learning to “receive” stuck out to me. Learning to receive as a form of emotional wellness. that’s deep for me. truly will be letting that one marinate. Thank you for sharing!!!!!

    • Yes, that is a biggie isn’t it. I have been the giver for so long, and I realized that when I needed something and no one gave to me it was because I’ve set myself up in the role of giver and others think givers never need to receive. I am working on receiving, and just saying thanks. Not trying to figure out a way to pay someone back or give them more than they gave me, just saying thanks and enjoying what I have received.

      • @lovesgumbo:disqus this echoes the sentiment “you teach people how to treat you”. I’ve learned that allowing people to give and being sincerely thankful for what they give is a form of positive reinforcement. It makes the giver feel appreciated, and sets up our relationship for climate of mutual giving.

    • @KatrinaHarrell:disqus this lesson has been something I’ve had to embrace over and over. I’m naturally inclined to give, so in the past, receiving felt selfish. I even had instances where I didn’t want to receive because I didn’t want others to doubt my motives. Now I understand that receiving blesses me and the giver. I’m glad you were able to glean that from the post. Let me know how it goes after it marinates. 😉