Emotional Nud!ty Gives Access to Emotional Wellness

“I had to learn how to shift that compass and let go of the beliefs that limited me.  When I did that, I got clients that I like, I made real money, and I met people I never dreamed I would meet!”  ~Jai Stone, Emotional Nudist

Need I say more? No, but I want to!

I respect any woman who grabs life by the ovaries and decides to take small, consistent steps toward her best case scenario life.  Jai Stone is one of those women, and that’s why she and I gel so well.  We met earlier this year, and she and I have been conjuring up all kinds of awesomeness by way of Life Design, mutual respect, and an insistence on correcting course when we know we’re not living our BEST lives.

Today, Jai is sharing her personal struggles with self-deprecation and self-loathing, and tells us how she shifted her compass from that unwell space to her current journey to and through emotional nudity.

Curious about what that means, and how that knowledge might serve you?



Indulge here: http://jaistone.com/what-is-emotional-nudity/

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Be sure to let Jai know how her emotional nudity serves your wellness.  She loves engaging with women who are ready to strip down to their bare selves and rebuild from the inside out. 

  • Jai I LOVE everything about you!! Damnit girl! You are all that and a bag of Doritos! 😀
    I have to run and get off the computer for the day – so I will surely respond later with a more intelligent reply as I have some things to share, but I wanted you to know that I’m so glad I know you! 🙂
    WERK girl! Love it!

    • @KatrinaHarrell:disqus can’t wait to chop it up more with you!

  • Christie Glascoe Crowder

    Jai, you are nothing but the TRUTH! I cried through this whole video because you and I have lived the same life! Seriously!! It was like you were reading my biography! I am SO glad that we BOTH have emerged from the depths of self-loathing despair to be the fabulous women we are today! LOVE YOU more today than I did yesterday 🙂

    • Christie, I was thinking the same thing when I saw your video yesterday. I was going to comment, then I decided to wait until today. I’m super glad we connected, and our story touches so many others….we must keep telling the story with the ALTERNATE ending.

      • Christie Glascoe Crowder

        Amen, my sister!

      • “…we must keep telling the story with the ALTERNATE ending” YES

    • *Church claps and body dips* WOOT!!!!

  • Larie

    I had the pleasure of meeting Jai Stone a few months ago and I said to myself, “I like that chick,” but now after seeing this I am saying, “I LOVE that chick!” The best take away I got is, “Learn how to prioritize me first.”


    • @a1e2b32fb91376513da23d33cbbd76c8:disqus I think we had an immediate connection for a reason. Yes, don’t drink the elixir…blek!!

    • Larie, I’m so glad you continue to find resources to serve you through all your Life’s Work. As someone who has read your writing, and had the pleasure of conversing with you in person and online, I can say that I am happy you’re here, giving and receiving. Keep showing up, sis!

  • So many POWERFUL lessons in this video that ALL women can relate to. Being honest with ourselves truly leads to some painful realizations. The day I looked in the mirror with honest eyes and did not like what I saw sparked a journey that’s been challenging, confusing, painful at times but so liberating all the same. “I had bumps, bruises, and flaws and it was all ok!” YES INDEED!!! I’m all for the Emotional Nudity movement! Thanks Jai Stone!!!

    • @twitter-256721896:disqus you know you are one of my ‘Bare & Share’ chicks…its amazing what is waiting for us on the other side…if only we are courageous enough to strip down!!

    • Stephanie, just this simple comment you posted is a welcomed add-on to Jai’s message. Thank YOU for sharing the facets of your journey with us here. This is the point of all of this–radical self-expression, real self-love, and of course–thanks to Jai–emotional nudity!

  • Jai! Whew! You helped me to see that giving can go wrong. I woke up this morning with a call from a person that I’ve been trying to give to, only for them to call me selfish for feeling good enough about myself to take and accept what is mine. Wow! Wow! Wow! The lesson for me is knowing when the ground we are sewing seed in is able to receive it. If it’s too dried and barren, it cannot accept good seed. I get it. Sometimes it’s just not worth your time to give to others who cannot receive it. I thought I learned this lesson, but I obviously needed a big reminder. I think I can breathe now. Thanks Jai. I am really enjoying this conference.

    • @lovesgumbo:disqus I can’t tell you how many times I have had to learn the same lesson over and over!! And just when I think I got it…BING, I lose it again. We ALL need to be reminded to be a little self assured (not to be confused with selfish).

      • I recall a Dr told me once in a coaching program “it’s ok to be self-serving” admittedly I was like “Que?” because as an only child I had always been told I was “selfish” so as an adult I tried so hard to be giving – to the point of self sacrifice. So hearing “self-serving” I thought she was trippin — hard! but in context I got what she was saying. Self serving isn’t being selfish, it’s acknowledging your needs and standards are important and giving until you have nothing left isn’t very effective. I learned that Lack doesn’t exist – there is always enough. so spreading myself thin only creates a weak me. I still work on this daily.

    • Brooke, you see how the resources continue to pop up and serve you right when you need them. I think this (and anything else that helps you through your process) is proof of your alignment with your Divine Source.

      • Yes, yes, yes. I see! You put something together that I willingly decided to participate in (offering & receiving), but I didn’t know how much I would need it.

  • Well Jai, this confirms for me that I have been on the journey to becoming an emotional nudist over the past year now. No longer “giving” and “giving” into other people to feel validated but learning to be okay with loving me as I am and who I am no matter what. I love this!!!

    • Yes, Tamyka!!! So happy for you!

    • @TheCEOMamma:disqus girl, wait until you get to the point where you stop apologizing for NOT being what people think you should be!! MUAH!

      • Yup, I’m getting more comfortable with that….thanks, I’m loving this!!!

  • BernettaStyle

    i enjoyed the video and am about the CLICK THE LINK! I am all about doing what you need to do to get to a happy place. I am on the journey now!

  • I love every word of this! I’ve just had my moments of looking at myself and really accepting/embracing that this is me. It was such a wonderful feeling!

    • I agree, Jen! I make a practice of self-acceptance daily. It’s so liberating to just BE YOURSELF. I think people get thrown off by the idea of embracing self because they think it’s contrary to personal development. It isn’t! Just like we can love children, family, artwork, etc. we can learn to love ourselves as we are, and gently nudge ourselves forward and out of our “undesirable” traits with love and compassion.

    • @JenPriceDavis:disqus then you TOTALLY understand where I’m coming from!

  • Jai! I just recently started following you on Twitter and IG. When I saw that you would be part of this conference. I was excited to hear from you, because I already enjoy your social media dialogue. I really enjoyed this, particularly because I’m part of “Team Naked” too! I recently started embracing the phrase “Get Naked” and referring to my blogging as “Naked Blogging”. So, I get it! I get what it feels like to get rid of the layers. I get what it feels like to embrace the freedom of authenticity. I get what it feels like to begin being okay with just being me! I am on this journey with you and it is so good to see yet ANOTHER part of myself reflected in such a beautiful woman. Thank you for this.

    • Yes maam, Ms. @IvyLaArtista:disqus I more than love being free enough to show up EXPECTING to be embraced with all my flaws.

  • This is great 🙂
    Thank you so much for sharing!

    • Thanks so much for the love @twitter-253684045:disqus!!!

  • Sandra

    Jai I truly enjoyed your delivery and your story ! loving self is a powerful lesson to learn and can be hard to do but so very liberating. Amazing how much things open up to us and how our eyes begin to really see when we decide to make these changes. Thank you, I plan to begin following you on twitter so I get some more of your refreshment and be MORE of an emotional nudist 😉

  • Hello, sistren (as we say in Jamaica)! Joining this incredible space a bit late, but right on time. Jai, bless you! I needed this. Your message spoke volumes to me. I’ve decided to become an emotional nudist. Akilah, blessings to you, too, for this amazing conference. It’s timely and relevant.

  • Mackenzie

    Preach! You don’t know how you spoke to me!

  • Thank you, Jai! I appreciate you showing up n@ked and fabulously flawed. There is SO much beauty in this.