Dragon Slaying & Other Epic Sh*t

As you may know, one of my core values is self-expression.

I am my best self when I allow myself to risk expression as often as I can, and in spite of doubts and fears.  I can recall every major instance of my life where I allowed my voice to be muted, and I’ve made a conscious decision never to let that happen to me again.


How about you?  Can you recall the feelings you experienced when you allowed someone to put your voice and your feelings on mute?  Soul-rocking stuff, right? It hurts like hell, and sometimes it feels nearly impossible to return to ourselves.  We lash out, or shut down, or blame someone else, or blame ourselves–and ultimately, we feel like less than ourselves before we remember our right to express ourselves, and then take action from that space.

My e-homie, Christie is risking expression big time this month with Project #Flawless12.  I’ve been tracking her progress and cheering her on from my little corner of the online world.  Though I haven’t publicly responded or posted on each of her prompts, I’ve definitely been in this expression energy with her, and today’s prompt hemmed me up and demanded that I share this one “out loud”!  Christie wrote:

Do something…or plan to do something…that scares you!
You dream about it.  You can see yourself doing it.  
And then you let fear take over.  
Fear manifests itself in so many ways.  
It’s in the excuses you make.  
It’s even in the seemingly completely legitimate reasons for not taking the chance…
for not stepping out on faith…
for not leaving your comfort zone.

Go back up to the top of this message and read the first six sentences again…
You have everything you need to do what is in you to do.
Believe!  Now…go do some epic shit!

Tell it, Christie! Dragon slaying is not for the faint of heart, and she who embraces that journey can use all the support she can get! I know how to lean in on my vision for my life even when I’m afraid, but it doesn’t mean I don’t get the occasional dropkick from fear and end up in an emotional time out where necessary action and expression are concerned.

So, today I’m slaying my dragons by stating my Epic Shit intention for 2012:

I commit to embracing my goal of a location independent lifestyle by living in Jamaica for a minimum of 120 days this year.


What epic shit will you endeavor to achieve this year?

Even it you don’t share it with me–say it out loud and think of what your day would look like were you to achieve that goal.  Let the vision marinate, and then by all means, go ahead, risk expression!

For more on Project #Flawless12, including all of the previous prompts, CLICK HERE.

  • Christie Glascoe Crowder

    First let me say…from the bottom of my heart…THANK YOU for those beautiful and kind words…my cup runneth over!  And second…DAYUM! You talk about me? I am in awe of you! This was a beautiful post and what ever I can do to help you stay with your intention for this year, I am here!  Oh and if y’all need an extra roommate in Jamaica, holla at a sistah! 😉

    •  You are welcome, and thank YOU for leading the dragon slaying parade in my life this month. #NeededIt #PreciationNation

  • My goal is to make $20,000 more than I made last year. This also means launching 3 new businesses and grinding in bloggyland without burning out. I wanna live in JA too… after we buy our 1st home hopefully in FL. *gulp to the 10th power* *panics like a mofo*

    •  Yes, Sheena!!! Epic? Clearly! Doable? Of course! You’ve got bloggyland on lock, and the more you show up as Sheena, the more the people/companies that need your particular Sophistishe vibe will show up. In droves. Got that? DROVES!!  I’m excited for you, and when you move to JA, let’s link up 🙂