Does Emotional Wellness Affect Abundance?

One of the best parts of blogging is the people I get to meet. I’ve cultivated friendships, indulged in beautiful business projects, and learned so much about myself and my journey through many of my fellow entrepreneurs.

We’re an odd breed because many of us don’t quite fit into the “internet entrepreneur” box because we also do a lot of work in person, both locally, and globally. Yet still, we use social media as our primary medium of communication, engagement, and income-earning.

Katrina M. Harrell is a BOSS when it comes to all three of those elements! She and I share the philosophy that who we are personally and what we offer professionally need not be rivaling aspects in our lives.  We believe the more we are ourselves, the more our businesses thrive–but not without vision, spiritually rooted practices, and sound strategies.

Listen as Katrina offers you some WHY and HOW for aligning yourself with personal and professional abundance through some powerful emotional wellness practices.

She’s also offering you some conference swag that will take away any excuses you may have to prioritizing your emotional wellness.

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I’m such a fan of Katrina’s flow, and I’m betting you’ll see why when you join her session.

Be sure to comment below to let Katrina know how her vision feeds your wellness.

  • Fighting to show up as yourself and fighting to be treated well. YES!!!! I can remember those days. The many years I spent fighting to feel accepted. Until I finally decided to accept and celebrate me. Now when I see those who don’t want to accept me, I can see it quickly and work through or walk through it just as quickly. I don’t have to spend precious time living in fear of people treating me well. I walk in courage. One day, I’ll be so good at it that I won’t even notice their rejection because all I will see is the God in them. I downloaded your tools, well now they are MY tools (Thanks so much!!!) I’m gonna have a great time getting into them. Katrina, you are one of those people that I have a connection with. I can tell. Even though we’ve just met online, I know that our relationship and connection will be lasting and interwoven.

    • One day, I’ll be so good at it that I won’t even notice their rejection because all I will see is the God in them.” Brooke that blessed me! Thank you for your comment. YES. We are all a WIP (work in progress) and even though we “know” we still gotta “live” and keep being reminded.

      I feel the same way as you also. We are connecting nicely online and I’m appreciating God a little extra today lol for putting some awesome people in my life. It’s refreshing to know you are not walking the earth alone.

  • alisha

    This could not have come at a better time for me. Thank you for speaking to my heart.

    • I’m grateful to hear that Alisha! I’m glad this hit home…it’s definitely “truth” for me too

  • @KatrinaHarrell:disqus I like the W.H.I and W.I.N! Those are great acronyms to help me stay focused and free from anxiety. I will be keeping them in mind.

  • Shakeemah

    Excellent Katrina! I really adore your truth and really believe that you are as good as they come. I love that you believe in God and you believe that its time to choose between love and fear. I choose LOVE TOO! Thank you for your Courage.

    • Shakeemah! Thank you :-). God is love right? So I choose LOVE right with you! You are very welcome. There is so much in use that we have yet to excavate but I believe conferences like this and the work Akilah is doing is beyond needed, it’s necessary. We’re in great company! Much love to you. (p.s I hope you had a great birthday as well?)

  • Katrina,

    You shared so much wisdom, I gotta look the video again. Here are my take aways…
    I can relate to the anxiety piece, I like having the flexibility to work around my schedule, so when it is threatened I get anxious. I always feel like I running out of time, when it’s interrupted. I’m working on that though, I just let go of expectations and feel good about having a plan, then adjust to the change.

    Being clear about your intention is a good one. I’ve been practicing that and it feels good to have that approach.

    I love the purpose of your W.H.I acronym.

    The untrained mind/body definitely shows up in my life. When I don’t have structure it’s usually clutter somewhere and when I clear it up and get back on track it feels better. I also like being spontaneous, so finding harmony with both is something I have to work on.

    Your fighting the spirit explanation is so true. that’s all I gotta say. 🙂

    “I don’t need to be fearless, I need to be courageous” so powerful!

    I can relate to your truth on you don’t want to fight someone to treat you well. That’s a truth for me too, when I work on justifying why I left my marriage. I have to remind myself of that, whenever guilt tries to seep in my mind.

    Great reminder…We have the ability to choose. We tend to forget that so often.

    I love big purses too. lol! It’s like my house is in my purse.

    “Your spirit and heart is in control” something I have to remind myself about daily.

    Thank you so much for your giveaways. I signed up for the detox and intended to
    take sometime and listen to the audios, but didn’t realize that they are only available for 3 days, so I missed a a lot of them. I will definitely grab the ones you are sharing. As well as the other goodies.

    BTW..I did see the one, where you quoted me, thank you for that.

    With Gratitude, Katrina!

    • What you shared Monique hit me so deep I had to share it with others! SO thank you!!! 🙂 I appreciate you and what you shared and thank you for being a reflection

  • Katrina..once again this is FOOD for my Soul! I am definitely a W.I.P Work In Progress so I am totally using my W.H.I “Wealth enHancing Intention” to work on my business & daily plan using W.I.N “What’s Important Now/Next”. Keep doing what God has blessed you to Do…Empower, Encourage & Bless Women! Thank You 4 being You!

    • Stephanie, you continue to be a reflection for me as well. I thank you. I know the fancy acronyms are cute but you DO get the work that is required behind them. I thank you!

  • Gem: Get clear on intentions + make sure they are serving you. I truly believe in gaining clarity. Often times, we go go go with out really pausing. I appreciate you sharing + affirming the pause.

    Thanks you for sharing your experience and your tools.

    • you’re VERY welcome Takeyah! really I enjoy sharing and giving.

  • You are so RIGHT! You do have to stop fighting fear. I think it’s a more fruitful use of energy on actions and ideas that serve you. Thank you for being open.

    • Thank you for reflecting Takeyah! You’re right, if we have to live by measuring “time” why not using that time to focus on what is soft and mushy instead of those things that require so much resistance (fear). Not saying we never have to fight fear. but I think there is a difference between fighting fears others have produced that we have little control over and creating our own fears to fight. Thank you!