Conference swag, love fests, and gobs of gratitude!

It’s a wrizzap, y’all!

I’m so proud of you for making time to be here! What’s more, I’m delighted that you commented on posts, and contacted speakers directly, and told me how all of this fed all of you.

I’ve yet to fully process the magnitude of this conference, and as I read, watched (and re-watched!) our speakers give their wisdom for you, for me, for themselves, I feel honored, excited, trusted, and proud.

Up next: A Post-Conference Love Fest, of course!

If you signed up for specifically because of the conference, I’d love to hear from you! In the comment space below, or (as most of you prefer) by replying to the blog post email, give me one solid example of how this conference helped you juice your journey.

• What did she say that triggered a breakthrough?

• Which attendee’s comment had you ready to find them to hug or high-five them directly?

• What, in any of my Coolout Corner posts or conference videos made you dig my work just a little bit more?

• Whose words conjured up clarity, confidence, or courage inside your soul?


This part is critical, so your participation would mean the most to me!

Why? Because I’m doing this to connect with other women who seek more than inspirational talks.  My goal is to create a large, focused tribe of women who dare to risk expression, and actively seek out resources for living well.

Is that you? If so, let me know how all of this served you.

In the meantime, may the words you heard and the light you cast help you …


  • Wintermoodz

    I have notes all over my desk ! Thank you for this wonderful conference its helped me tap into many different things, from taking the leap to do something that has been out of my comfort zone or just recognizing that I’m not the only one who feels “this way”. I loved the all of the speaker and took quotes, ideas, and advice from them all. In “Embracing truth, accessing emotion” with Alisha Sommer , this quote smacked me so hard, “But when we ignore the truth— that’s when we become emotionally unwell”, but also made me want to dig deeper into why i do it and why i need to change it. How me ignoring causing me to be unhappy which in turn affects everything and everyone around me. (emotional wellness – I get it now! ) I’m still a work in progress, however i am taking small pieces and applying them in my life bit by bit.

    *Also I’m looking into the Execumama Kit as well, it seems like everyone that has contributed has read and made reference to it which has me pretty curiousThank you to Akilah, and All the wonderful Speakers
    This was great!

    • I love it! Thank you for your feedback! Yes, Alisha is the truth, and so much of what she wrote resonated with me as well. We can get so good at ignoring our truth–it’s crazy! Thank you for openly sharing where you are in your journey. The Kit would be a great resource for you, because it is about prioritizing emotional wellness in the face of daily life struggles. I’m so grateful for your presence here! Sending you much love and light!

  • Larie

    “I care about myself…I valued myself over friendship,” is what Michelle Currie said that triggered a breakthrough.


    • That spoke to me too, Larie! How we value ourselves tends to come up more in crisis mode, but I want all of us to practice making that a daily priority. Thanks for sharing!