Check In With Your Beliefs (Bruce Lipton Style)

Bruce Who?
Well, let me back up a little bit…

October 24 – Check in with your BELIEFS :: This is the grand finale, and I’m doing it via Google+ Hangouts this time! We’ll be talking about fear, productive failure, and a few other choice topics that define you and your actions.

….not so much.

Tropical Storm Sandy, soon to be Hurricane Sandy, per the latest weather report here in Jamaica, is gearing up to do us dirty!

So, since it’s highly likely that we won’t have internet access for most of tomorrow, I’m doing this post instead of our scheduled Hangout.


Bruce Lipton’s work changed my life so much, that I included him in my second book, and in case you didn’t purchase it, you should still get this goodness, if for no other reason than the fact that you’re here on my blog.

In this video, Dr. Lipton talks about how we become victims of our beliefs, and how that perception has been validated by science for centuries, and how there is proof that it’s just not real.

If you’re not a science junkie, don’t worry, it doesn’t matter. Pay attention to the resulting knowledge, and allow yourself to process the parts you understand. This if literally life-altering information, so do yourself a favor and indulge.

*Trumpets blaring*

My absolute favorite video for Belief Bustin’ and Mind Opening Mojo. Enjoy!


  • I love Bruce, I was just listening to the Biology of Belief. I gotta check this video out.

  • Mind stimulating. Very interesting, worthy of watching over and over again to really digest its new insights and its coherent with the other thoughts and concepts I have read in the other books on metaphysics, Deepak Chopra Books, Power of Now, Spontaneous Healing, etc. I appreciate the concept of being in the present. The subconscious is presented in a different light. Looking forward to devour the book, Spontaneous Evolution, maybe its what I need at this point in my life to continue my evolution. In fact just with this video a certain personal dilemma is already partly resolved.Thanks..thanks for sharing, very timely.How I wish my wife would give attention to this also. Is there an e-book? An audio or podcast?