And the Spirit of You Can

You get to make a decision based primarily on your own needs.
And the Spirit of You Can choose to show compassion to those who are bothered by your decision.

You get to fall in love with an idea, explore it, then decide it’s not for you after all.
And the Spirit of You Can choose to be gentle with Self and not put any negative labels on that decision.

You get to hold out for the type of partner who will love your ass off; even in your most illogical moments.
And the Spirit of You Can choose to smile, nod, and move on when people tell you you’re too picky, and that what you want in a partner probably isn’t out there.

You get to define (and refine) success based on your own evolving needs.
And the Spirit of You Can choose to do what’s necessary to sustain your emotional and financial needs as you make your Success Journey.

And the Spirit of You is divinely supported
And the Spirit of You is a badass when she needs to be
And the Spirit of You can cry as often as she needs to
And the Spirit of You is both masculine AND feminine enough to handle ANYTHING.

When you nurture the Spirit of You, you stay aligned with your God-Goddess-Self, and the people, situations, and relationships that are ill-aligned with that YOU will fade away, seeking their own likeness somewhere else.

Remember this. Okay?

  • Thank you so much for this. The exact reminder I needed this morning after my day yesterday! I believe EVERYTHING you’ve written to be true, and it deeply resonates with my spirit. xoxoxo sis

    •  You’re welcome, Arielle! I read your heart-felt FB post yesterday, and I am so happy you’re allowing yourself to FEEL ALL OF IT.  I needed this reminder myself too!

  • Larie

    Peace Queen.


    •  Thank you, Larie! I appreciate you.

  • That nurtured me. 

    •  I’m happy to hear that, Ivy!!!

  • That nurtured me. 

  • I needed this. Your words are so empowering. Gratitude, Akilah.

    •  You’re most welcome, Nadine! Thank you for being here.