A word about jacked-up emotions

Ever have one of those days when all the positive, hopeful, glass half-full thoughts feel like a load of crap?

Remember that day when you just couldn’t seem to get out of your “jacked-up” emotions rut, and so you just tensed up your abdomen to prepare yourself for the mental hits? Remember feeling that way?

It’s best to avoid that feeling, right? No, not at all.

Feeling dismal is a painful feeling, but oftentimes, that feeling is our body convulsing, heaving up unwanted matter, and forcing it to the surface so you can resolve it.

Those jacked-up emotions have risen up because something in your life gave them permission to do so, and you now have the opportunity to choose your Source over your situation.

When I practice letting my emotions serve as reminders of the need to heal, not the need to relive the pain attached to the emotion, I release the anger sooner, and I make choices that I’m proud of, not frightened by.

That is my personal process, and it is also part of my professional practice.  My work is about helping women like you design a practice that allows you to nurture the breakthroughs, and live freely as your true Self.  Use this weekend to catch up on conference sessions.  Enjoy yourself!
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  • True. Lately, I’ve been developing a video in my head about using PMS as a means of breakthrough. God gave it to us for a reason, and if we understand why those emotions come up and out the way they do we can use that time to address important issues in our lives. For example: Your child has been messing up with school and assignments all month, and you’ve been understanding. Suddenly PMS comes along and you go ballistic (what ever that level is for you) on the child for the same issue. Suddenly, change happens. The child understands the importance of the issue because they’ve seen a change in you. Don’t feel guilty about it. Understand it, use it, and feel thankful for it. That doesn’t mean beating the hell out of everyone in the house and kicking out the windows, but it is okay to let sharper emotions out without guilt when PMS gives them to you. Like I said I’m still developing the video in my head, so it’s not exactly where I want it, but I hope you get the idea.

    • Larie

      Great idea Brooke…go for it!

    • Yet again Brooke! Yet again! :-). You know years ago I watched something (maybe Oprah) where someone stated that PMS isn’t a bad thing it’s good for women as it forces to focus on our intuition – it’s not a curse it’s a blessing. since then I’ve been using my PMS to “hear” myself and to truly be ok with what I “hear” – all the crap is out the way when you are PMSing lol just “real rap raw” emotions – no BS from anyone and that’s truth. I’ve never explored it further but I do pay attention to myself and have learned to trust those decisions I make when I ain’t having it from folks. I’d love to see what you come up with on this. It sounds like a glorious documentary in the making (a la the one Chris Rock’s Good Hair)

      • Girl, I am not Lamar Tyler. I was thinking more like me gabbing on youtube, lololol. But, maybe a documentary would be good. We’d probably find out that most affairs get confronted during the wife’s PMS. And most end during the mistress’ PMS. lololol.

    • This is exactly what I’m talking about, Brooke! ALL the twists and turns of our emotional spectrum give us something. I’ve never even considered PMS as an emotion-swayer, but it totally is. Certainly, if we get it, we can use it in some way, and I totally get the idea of letting “sharper” emotions take front and center because they sometimes offer the type of impact that will create change or a sense of positive urgency in an individual. Thanks for the perspective!

  • Larie

    “Those jacked-up emotions have risen up because something in your life gave them permission to do so..” Wow…kicked me right in the face while wearing steel-toed boots! What a great eye-opener Akilah.

    • That part spoke didn’t it…

    • Yes, Larie! Our emotions give us plenty of practice when it comes to giving permission. I’m glad it resonated with you. Use it as often as you need to, and keep showing up all the way un-muted!