A Weekend Quickie – We’re LIVE!

You know you love your work when you celebrate holidays by launching new products – LOL!

I imagine many of my U.S. based friends are traveling for the long holiday weekend, and the rest of my online family is probably preparing to enjoy the weekend too, right?

#AwesomeSauce! But before you head out to party like a rock star, or hang out with family and friends, I’ve got two updates for you:


TheLifeDesignAgency.com has evolved! Kris and I have fused our work and passion into one company to better serve you! CHECK IT OUT! 


SWOT Check is open for business! I sent this out to a private group last week, and the community is already growing! OMG! I’ve already made and corrected some mistakes, and there are probably more to come. I’m up for it! CHECK IT OUT HERE!

…and we’re done!

Enjoy your weekend, beautiful!

  • Natasha Liburd

    I am in awe watching how your brand (and skill) is evolving and growing. Even down to the clarity and design of your images and artwork. So AWESOME! Kudos to you and Kris! Onward and Upward! If you ever have a down day, please call me so I can fill you back up with energy. Keep going. Keep pushing. The path God is unfolding is silently speaking volumes to many! This makes me so happy to see. Oh… and I have SWOT on my radar for after the wedding. Once I committ,  I want to really emerge myself in that journey and what it releases (can’t wait!).

    •  Natasha, I might have to get stitches on the corners of my mouth because I’m smiling so wide right now.  Thank you for being here.  And for the encouragement.  And for the mirror. And for simply being you.  Indeed, I will continue to walk my path, design my life, and remember my one true Source.  *Big hugs*