3 Ideas for Practicing Radical Self-Expression in 2014


I hope that you are maximizing the shit out of this New Year, Better Me energy!  So many people are sending out a vibration of tenacity and bold assertions for their lives, and when that happens—when so many souls focus on the same thing—we can ride it like waves.

I’ve got three ideas for you to take on wave-riding in 2014, love!  All the ideas are things we probably already know, but we keep going away from our “old knowings” and we end up creating distance between who we are and what we practice.

Let’s do something about that–in fact, let’s do three things.  Click on the white arrow above and the video will show up. Watch it, then tell me what you will be doing to minimize that distance between your You and your Not Quite You.

  • arielleloren

    Create distance from manipulation! YES!

  • Val Dee

    What I will be doing to minimize that distance–in fact I have already started doing so– is to cut out the folks that drain me with their life woes which they are doing nothing about but constantly saying the same things over and over and over, calling and asking me what to do, then I’ll make suggestions which they totally ignore. They’ll call again with the same story, day in day out. “I’m not your counselor and I have a life too”, I’ve said to myself. I’ve therefore sent out some texts and emails, requesting that I be left alone. No more usage. I’m done with this!

    • That’s awesome!!!! Gitter done!

    • Yes! Unfortunately, it isn’t as easy for me to cut the drainer out completely, but I have been hella distant and subject-changing when the conversations get negative. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

      • That’s a damn good start, Sheena! Do what you can in the meantime. Or send them to this post 🙂 Thanks for stopping by. I always appreciate your voice in the mix.

  • Naomi Stevens

    I think I may be mixing two of these, or at least working on both of them at the same time. For most of my life there has been one person or another telling me that “You need to do…” or “Why are you so…” in the end, I had to realize that even my family was trying to manipulate me into being the person they wanted me to be and ignoring the person I wanted to be. So, I need to work on choosing my truth over the doubts I hear and distancing myself form the manipulation of others.

    • Those two definitely go hand in hand, Naomi, so I think it’s great that you recognize that and I send you love and light while you work on them both. I appreciate you sharing!

  • tamarapickens

    What I will do to minimize the distance is to 1) choose to care for myself first. So many times, I sacrifice my truths so that I can be seen as a “hardworker” and “doing what needs to be done” instead of listening to what I require of myself. Basically, I need to protect my dreams. 2) Use fear as a barometer to go ahead and to focus my energy on my courage. Like Katrina said, im tired of feeling (read: feeding) my fear and doing it anyway, i now want to give focus and energy to my courage and what I want to happen.

    • @tamarapickens:disqus sounds like you know the what and the why, and I wish you the absolute BEST as you practice the work. Thank you for being here and sharing your journey.